Geneva Motor Show seen through Ukraine conflict

geneva motor show

The automotive industry meets one more year in the Geneva Motor Show. From 6 to 16 March we will see the new features of cutting-edge technology developed by leading brands. And, this time the prestigious exhibition highlights current powered energy sources that provide an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. In the context of an emerging conflict between Russia and Ukraine, while the European Union and the United States examines the movements of the Russian army, energy solutions can not be more topical.

In the days before, you could read in the international press that the big problem for Ukrainians could be energy self-sufficiency of the United States. The U.S. is becoming way up (estimated in 2017) one of the leading oil producers in their own territory, so it would be free of the tensions (and debts) of acting as world's police.

In Ukraine a strategic battle is fought. Europe is the main customer of Russian gas, how and where that gas passes from Russia to the old continent? Yes, Ukraine – also a huge producer of gas and therefore competition.

Among so much stress, the motor industry gathers in Geneva to learn how propel the cars. There seems to pay attention.

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